Words make a lasting impression.

Your words, whether they’re for a blog or a book, make an impression. Your words say a lot about you. We’ll make sure they say exactly what you want them to.

We love words of all kinds. Whether it’s a resume or a quiz, we can make it better. We have many strengths, but if we don’t think your project is right for us we’ll tell you right up front and do our best to connect you with someone who can do it even better. Our team has expertise in instructional design, technical writing, research, grant writing, website design and maintenance, many fiction genres, and many other things. If we don’t already know it, we’re also pros at learning quickly from your subject matter experts.

Coal Creek Documentation Services will help by first-reading, editing, & proofreading your writing to make sure it’s easy to understand and error-free. We’ll improve your work, taking it from good to great, quickly and professionally.

If you’re working on a non-fiction project, we can fine-tune your existing material or design and create something new to better match your vision. We’ll help you say what you mean, in language tailored for your audience.

Our experienced editors will read your fiction for consistency and pacing, and make your book or story smoother and more professional.

It’s hard to see your own typos, and it only gets worse as you continue to re-read. A new set of eyes can save you from an embarrassing mistake (like serving desert after your fundraising dinner instead of dessert!). Whatever your project, we can help.

Keep reading to explore the options.


edit definition

We will revise your material in its early stages to ensure it’s clear, concise, consistent, and speaks to your target audience. Along the way, we’ll catch typos, misspellings, and problems with grammar. Editing includes checks for the following:

  • Style
    • Content is appropriate to the target audience
    • Sentence structure is varied and smooth
    • Tense is consistent
    • Content follows¬†your style guide, if one exists
  • Clarity
    • Unnecessary adjectives are removed
    • Word choices are non-repetitive and appropriate
    • Important terms are defined
    • Sentences and descriptions are clear
  • Structure
    • Sections flow correctly for the document type with information presented in a logical manner
    • Paragraphs contain sentences with related ideas
    • Headers & subheaders correctly represent the document’s contents
  • Content
    • All required elements are present
    • Information is accurate and consistent
    • Information is relevant
    • Evidence is provided where appropriate
  • Extras for Fiction
    • Timeline is consistent with action
    • Character descriptions are consistent
    • Pacing is appropriate to the scene
    • Word choices are appropriate to characters and scenes


proofread definition

Before sending or publishing your final draft, it needs a last quick review to catch any pesky errors that have become invisible to you during revisions. We’ll give your document a final review for hidden spelling errors, typos, and grammatical errors.

Writing and Research


Need something written, but lack the time or skills to do it? We’ll take your outline or notes and turn them into a final draft. Have something that just needs a few gaps filled? Tell us what you need, and our researchers will track it down. Our writers come from a variety of backgrounds, and will deliver usable, stylish, and professional results.

Website Design & Maintenance

webmaster definition

Our team can design and build a website or improve & maintain your existing web presence. From simple sites built with bare-minimum html & CSS to complex ones built in a content management system (and everywhere in between), we have the skills and experience to deliver exactly what you want and need.